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I posted a new post over at My Life In a Mitten. I am going to be posting there primarily now.

Not sure what this site will be used for. Maybe a landing page for the other sites?


Well, it’s been over a month since I’ve updated.

That does not mean I haven’t been weighing in or attending meetings, it just means that life has gotten in the way.

This is why I am not making a living at this blogging thing.

So to the update:

To read more: click here.

Makes Me Smile: Etsy

I browse on Etsy a lot. I’m addicted, I’ll admit it.

It’s like a craft show that’s open 24/7!!

Sometimes I’ll just search for a color or look at the items that are trending, or the hand picked items. If you are a fan of Etsy, you know what I’m talking about.

I noticed that there are some items that instantly make me smile when I see them…for all different reasons.

I decided I would share these things. Smile  Maybe they will make you smile too.

Cute Donkey Ceramic Bowl: Once upon a time, I worked with a woman who was really religious and didn’t appreciate swearing so I adopted the word “donkey” instead of calling someone an ass…since you know, they are the same thing and all. I found these awesome little bowls when I was looking for a new mug to replace the one I broke. Instant smile. This seller also has these CUTE kitty tabby kitty jewelry thingies that I would use for a spoon rest. lol

Cute Donkey Ceramic Bowl by Natvasclayandpaper

Pinocchio Earrings: I don’t remember how I ran across these earrings, but OMG are they adorable. I’d never buy them for earrings, but they’d make cute key chains!! I can’t get over how cute these are. This shop also has these cute frogs and omg…donkeys!! lol

Pinocchio Earrings by ElisaRadaelli

Hand Painted Cat Face Pillow: I need a reason to buy this sweet pillow. Stat. There is even a mini one!

Hand Painted Cat Face Pillow by trelabela

Pear Still Life: It looks like this pear has a face and is concerned about being eaten. I love it. This Etsy artist has a number of creative prints available on her site. This one reminds me of my mother because she loves buttons. And I think this Pac Man one is a cool concept!!

Pear Still Life by AylilAntoniu

Needle Felted Little Sphynx: This has got to be the cutest thing EVER in life!!! Again…I need a reason to have this little guy in my life. Everything in this seller’s store is adorable. This rabbit??? Omg I die from the cuteness!! And this little pig is the sweetest!

Needle Felted Little Sphynx by Fenekdolls

Photos are all from the Etsy item page and are the property of the seller. In cases where the photo did not have a watermark, I added one with the sellers’ name on Etsy. The photos are linked to the item. I am also no affiliated with any of these Etsy store owners and am making no money on posting these.

I just thought they were cute and wanted to share my smiles.

Hope you enjoyed them!

Till next time…



broken glass 2

One unfortunate Sunday morning a couple weeks ago, I knocked an entire bottle of Topaz’s seizure meds on the kitchen floor. After spending the time needed to find each and every pill and return them safely to their bottle, the zoo was plenty hungry. This means that dogs are pacing and cats are rubbing up against legs, meowing (more like screaming), and jumping up on the counters, oven, and table begging to be fed.

It was late morning and I hadn’t eaten myself. I made my tea and fed everyone.

While carrying my piping hot tea into my office where I could finally sit down to eat and relax after being bombarded by the zoo waiting to be fed, a ridiculous series of events happened.

Simultaneously, and almost in slow motion as I was walking the short distance from the kitchen through the dining room (hallway) to my office, I got a little lightheaded, started to spill my hot tea, tried to correct myself, tripped over Onyx, the older dog, (who was glued to a spot in the walkway eating the most delicious cat vomit on earth apparently because She.Was.Not.Budging), possibly also tripped over my pants….and in an attempt to NOT spill hot tea all over myself…

I fell…slamming my chest into the corner of our kitchen table, knocking the wind out of myself, spilling tea everywhere….and I broke my VERY favorite mug!

(which, I will be replacing…sorry husband man) Hmm… I LOVE this one. Or OMG, these are sweet…I could pick a color and what I wanted it to say – but I’d rather buy it from the USA… so maybe this one instead…the color reminds me of my Granny. Or, I love these too… Decisions…decisions.

Anyway…sorry got distracted….

back to the story…

And as the saying goes… “The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

I wound up fracturing my ribs!!                         

WHO DOES THAT???!?      

Apparently, that would be me.

That was almost 3 weeks ago and the pain is still there. Good God in heaven…who knew it would hurt so dam bad?!!! I cannot believe that it STILL hurts almost 3 weeks later!

So I got some time off work to rest, heal, and manage the pain.

Well that is my story…

Till next time…


iPad Mini vs. Kindle Paperwhite

I have an iPad mini. I LOVE my iPad mini. I use it every single day to search the net, to play Words with Friends, Candy Crush Saga, browse Pinterest, and mostly, I use it to read. In fact, I traded in my full sized iPad for the mini BECAUSE I use it to read and wanted something smaller.

I don’t buy books on iTunes, I get them at Amazon and use the Kindle app to read.

Like I said, I LOVE my iPad mini.

However, lately, I have not been loving its battery life.


I don’t know why but lately I have noticed that my battery life isn’t lasting as long as it once was and it’s so irritating!!!

It’s had me thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite.

I read mostly in bed before I go to sleep and in the dark, so I need something that’s back lit and since all of my books are on from Amazon… it would make sense to get the Paperwhite.

I don’t want to replace my iPad. I love my iPad. I just want something that’s not going to need charging every day that I can read on!

Sitting in my amazon cart right now is the 3G Paperwhite, a purple case, and a screen protector.

I have a hard time justifying the purchase because they are not cheap.

However, I have been working a lot of OT lately… and I should be getting a gift card soon and I think Amazon is one of the choices…hmm

Do you have a Kindle Paperwhite? How do you like it?

Till next time…..


P.S… I’m still working tons of overtime and my sister was in town from Tennessee last week so that is why I haven’t been posting. I do have a few ideas for posts in the works.  A few reviews of some natural beauty products I have been using lately and also a book review for January. Stay tuned!!

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