Raw Raw Bo Baw

So much for posting to this blog, eh? LOL

Ok, so I’m no good at this everyday stuff. I feel like I’m talking to myself. Maybe one day someone will stumble across this pile and think…oh there’s an intelligent mind at work…heh, yeah right.

Ok…so I decided to revisit this blog because although I do have other dog issues to write about today, I’d like to keep the other blog strictly about the seizures and although related, not quite seizure topic.

So…raw foods. Yeah, I believe will will be going that route. Who woulda thunk it?? Not I said the fly!!

I got the information on both sides…good and bad. I read info till my eyes glazed over. Shit, I even dreamed of raw foods last night!! Totally bizarre! But I feel like I have been well educated and ready to give it the ole college try.

I think it’s the control over the food. I will know EXACTLY what’s going into those dogs. No additives, nothing not natural, no preservatives. None of those bad things the seizure dog shouldn’t have and then let’s see how he does. Shoot, how they both do because the little girl dog has her own issues…hair loss, alopecia. So maybe it will help her as well. It should!!!

So people…the adventures with RAW start on Thursday…well, Friday we’ll start feeding it. Won’t that be fun? lol

Till next time…H

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