Christmas Nails!

Once a month or so, my mom and I get together to go get our nails done. It’s one of the few girly things that will do.

I love to pick my polish and usually glitter will be involved!! We get tips and gel and shellac polish. We go all out and it lasts a long time and looks as good as the first day we get them done…minus the growth.

Last month’s nails were supposed to be fabulous Disney themed nails, but the guy at the nail salon we go to who can do designs was not there the morning we went in. BOO!

I had already decided to go with something that would look awesome under the black lights of the dark rides at WDW…and against my better judgment, I chose – gah – hot pink! SO nothing that I would EVER pick, but they were supposed to have black mickeys on them!!! And they were going to look so great!

They ended up looking like this:

They were TOO pink! I needed to add something else. Mind you, this is almost a month grown out too…

We went yesterday to get our Christmas nails done and this is what they look like now:

I wish a photo could capture just how sparkly the gold and green are!!! So fabulous!! The red has glitter too, but not like the others. It took 3 coats of that gold to get it like that but omg…so sparkly!

My nails are all ready for Christmas now!

How about you? Do you have a guilty pleasure or some way that you like to pamper yourself? Do you get your nails done? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time!


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