New Post @ My Life In a Mitten

I posted a new post over at My Life In a Mitten. I am going to be posting there primarily now.

Not sure what this site will be used for. Maybe a landing page for the other sites?


Well, it’s been over a month since I’ve updated.

That does not mean I haven’t been weighing in or attending meetings, it just means that life has gotten in the way.

This is why I am not making a living at this blogging thing.

So to the update:

To read more: click here.

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Welcome! My name is Heidi and the handsome boy I am holding is my nephew (who is a triplet!). I write about the things I love in my life and like to keep things real. I don't sugar-coat. Thanks for reading, and if you want to know more about me, please click the About Me link above!


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