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Attention Raw Dog Feeders!

Here’s a link to get a buy one get one free coupon for Nature’s Variety raw food.

Just sign up and you’ll immediately receive a coupon for buy one package of raw, get one free (medallions).

We can’t feed it to Topaz because it has rosemary in it, but Onyx will enjoy it!

Also, watch the Honest Kitchen blog because they have coupons all the time and do giveaways and stuff. I just won 5 of the travel size packages for free and before that they sent me 6 samples (one for each animal)!!

Houston…we have lift off!

I am writing this day down as a success!!

Topaz ate his breakfast AND ate his dinner!! The raw is a success! I am so happy. The lady who runs the Pet Beastro brought me in some chicken necks to try with Topaz…and he ate it right away. So either he was hungry, or he’s into it now! LOL Onyx, of course, ate hers like a pro.

Also, we had an excellent adoption at the shelter today. 15 homeless animals were adopted out into their new forever homes. We were SO busy today at the shelter!!! I’m really glad to see so many people who want to open their homes and hearts and welcome a new pet into their family. It’s awesome to watch people come in and meet their new best friends. It definitely makes me feel great to be a part of it all.

I got all of our Christmas decorations out this week. Well Todd got them from the garage for us. I went through and picked out the few things we will be putting out this year. See, my mother decorates every inch of her house…and I mean every inch. And don’t think it’s tacky because it’s really spectacular. She uses lights and a lot of vintage Christmas items, it’s just really cool. I wish I had that much stuff to decorate with, and could do it as nice as my mother does. But I’m always left with this feeling like it’s just not enough. My sisters say the same thing. It’s a curse really. lol

Anyway…I am going to put up the few things I picked out of our boxes to decorate with. We have not had a proper tree since getting topaz and now that we have 4 cats here, I am so afraid that they will climb into our tree and/or knock it down. And I don’t want to ruin all of our nice ornaments. Maybe next year we’ll get a tree and I’ll decorate with plastic bulbs. We’ll see.

Gotta go…have stuffs to do!!


Please take the container of turkey necks out of the fridge

Well the title says it all.

Funny how this is going…the little lab girl is loving the raw…loved the bones. Knew to chew them, what was I worried about?? And the Topaz…still having a hard time.

I’m worried about the seizure/blood sugar thing since he’s not eating much. We still have a few kibble samples that I’ve been giving him because I am nervous about the amount of food he’s eating. The last thing I want is for him to have another seizure.

I still feel really clumsy and I’m worried about the raw food all over the kitchen.

I need to get into a routine. I’m working on it.

So far though, not that bad. Tripe is the nastiest thing on earth…that’s all I have to say.

Till next time…H

Adventures in RAW – Day One

I should rename this blog…Our adventures with RAW! LOL

Ok…so we got the food tonight. A little pricier than I had thought it was going to be, but we’ll see how long it lasts and how everything goes. I was paying this much a month for a month’s worth of dog food and canned cat food, so I think we can work it out for just the dogs. And yes…the animals are NOW eating better than the humans in the house…haha

I have a few tips for myself…The inexperienced RAW feeder.

A little tip…don’t attempt to feed this way on a day that you are really clumsy and inexperienced and NEED to feed the dogs something!! We ran out of kibble…totally. I needed to feed them something today…it was either cat food or this mix.

Tip two…also plan out to thaw the tripe…just in case the red beast doesn’t like the mixture. Which for some reason, he doesn’t!!! Well…I think it’s the consistency that he doesn’t like. Now the little black dog…she ate the shit out of that mix!! Tomorrow is the turkey necks…this will be interesting.

Tip three…remember that you have 3 VERY curious male cats who would also LOVE to sample a bit of that raw mix food. It’s very hard to measure and scrape off the thawed meat mix from the block when you have 3 nosy kitties all in your face.

Tip four…put the box of turkey necks just in the tub…no water, no nothing. Necks in a tub in water made for a huge mess. I was able to pull a few off for the next couple days and thank GOD for Freezer zipper bags…I will be splitting them up and refreezing some of them tomorrow.

Tip five…dig the other aluminum pan out of the garage tomorrow and buy another one. kitchen bowls will not cut it.

Tip six…remember to breath and know you’re learning as you go. It will all be ok. You bought enough food for a month.


Tips are over for now. lol

Anyway…yeah, the cats would LOVE to eat a bowl of the mix. All of the boys were all over the counter and licking the spoon and bowls and everything!!

And tell me why the little black dog gobbled it all down and Topaz kind of picked up a mouthful and then spit it out everywhere. I added a little tripe and he picked that all out. He’s a fruitcake!

I am so tired. I will write more tomorrow.

The adventure continues…H

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