Another Grand Mal Tonight! 7/13/09 – Actually 2

This was supposed to be published on our dog’s blog, but I didn’t change the blog on Live Writer and published it here. I decided to leave it here as well. Just cuz.

I really hope this isn’t going to be a long year with the seizures.

Topaz had another 2 Grand Mals tonight. I believe they started at 11:30pm ish. it was kind of hectic and I wasn’t able to see a clock right away. It was 11:35 when I looked at the clock…

I was making my lunch for tomorrow (Salmon, if that has anything to do with anything…the possible fish connection I made a few months ago) and Topaz went running down the hall to see my husband, which was kind of odd. Not that he’s never done so before, but it was just odd. Then he came my way and kind of staggered near the dining room table and then I knew, this wasn’t normal…so I was prepared and called my husband down to help.

He definitely foamed a heck of a lot more than usual this time. The first was fairly short, he kind of came around and then went right into the second one. It was a little nosier than the first and he was really contorted into a horrible position. Seeing a dog seize is not a pretty picture!

A few other things:

  • he didn’t urinate on himself during either seizure
  • more foaming than normal
  • loud crying noises
  • post ictal has been long, he’s still not ok (this was written over an hour later)

We called the e-vet and they suggested we bring him in. As you may or may not know, e-vets are super expensive and we only have xx amount of dollars available to use and well, it was definitely going to be more than that. They suggested we maybe bring him in and they could treat him outpatient.

We decided to keep and eye on him and call his vet first thing in the morning. If he has another one tonight, we will take him in for sure though.

I don’t know what else they can do at this point but up his medication. He may just need to be a bit ataxic in order to function with minimal seizures. Lots of epileptic dogs are like that.

I think we may have his thyroid tested again too, just to rule that completely out. Oh and we need to review the ice pack position. I am going to print that out now!

After the seizure we took him outside and I gave him some Bryer’s all natural vanilla which he loved, and also some Rescue Remedy. I also gave him 2 gr of PB tonight and we upped his KBr back to 1.5ml. I am gonna have the hubbs ask the vet about upping that back up anyways.

Hopefully this doesn’t continue. I hate to have to write these blogs…especially back to back.

*sigh* going to reset the ticker. My poor puppa!

It’s Official…Canidae/Diamond

I have been reading on my dog forum and on other sites around the net that not only did Canidae change their dry formulas, but they also are now being manufactured or partially manufactured by Diamond.

We don’t feed this to our dogs any longer, but my mom feeds Mickey their canned food (that’s really all he’ll eat) and so I still try to keep up with the recalls and what’s going on in the pet food world.

This really concerns me because we lost two cats to the Diamond recall of 2006 and frankly, I just will never trust any brand made by Diamond again.

So I emailed Canidae…and here was my response from them.
Dear Heidi,

Please click on the above link, we have updated our site to insure all your questions are answered about our newly improved formulas. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of that page.

Due to overwhelming customer support and increased demand on our products, we have been faced with unique production capacity challenges. Our growing customer support and demand has pushed for increased capacity, therefore we have outsourced additional production from Diamond Pet Foods. Our customers demand and deserve no less than the highest quality safe ingredients, as well as state of the art consistent manufacturing. Outsourcing additional production from Diamond comes not without first carefully instating and accepting only the strictest testing protocols, as well as mandating stringent operating procedures to ensure the highest quality products possible at every level of production. We are very happy with this relationship and the high quality formulations we are able to bring to you. Expect Excellence!

Our quality of raw material as well as quality control has actually increased not decreased. Yes we have diversified our complex carbohydrates as rice continues to climb and high quality availability decreases. Our products are better than ever and more consistent. Yes we have cut costs on shipping rates as fuel continues to go through the roof. To ship pet food from one location is no longer cost effective. Our economy is facing some challenging times and we are being proactive in offering you the highest quality products, yet affordable enough for our consumers to purchase. We are not sure about other companies and their plans for change or their reasons in the past, however we feel we are being open and honest about our changes. We are getting alot of positive feedback from our customers that are actually feeding their pets our improved formulas.

We thank thank you for your comments, and hope your pets are able to receive the benefits of our products.

Personally, I still wouldn’t trust them. But that’s me and it’s really a personal preference.

Added 8/11/08.…many people have come to my blog to read this post so I thought I’d also include a list of foods that are made by Diamond. I copied this list from a dog forum I participate at and so I cannot account for it’s accuracy. But thought it was worth adding.

  • Kirkland is made by Schell and Kampeter who also is dba for Diamond. (imo pretty sneeky way of not coming right out and saying what foods Diamond does make)
  • TOTW
  • Solid Golid
  • Country Value
  • Diamond
  • Professional
  • Natural Balance
  • Artemis
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Canidae
  • Nutra
  • Premium Edge
  • Menu foods makes canned Nutro

Like I said, I cannot account for the accuracy of this list. I hope that a food like Artemis is not made by Diamond, but I have no clue and cannot say. I’ll have to look into it.

Here’s a site that has a good list of many foods and their ingredients: The Best Dry Dog Foods

Attention Raw Dog Feeders!

Here’s a link to get a buy one get one free coupon for Nature’s Variety raw food.

Just sign up and you’ll immediately receive a coupon for buy one package of raw, get one free (medallions).

We can’t feed it to Topaz because it has rosemary in it, but Onyx will enjoy it!

Also, watch the Honest Kitchen blog because they have coupons all the time and do giveaways and stuff. I just won 5 of the travel size packages for free and before that they sent me 6 samples (one for each animal)!!

Please take the container of turkey necks out of the fridge

Well the title says it all.

Funny how this is going…the little lab girl is loving the raw…loved the bones. Knew to chew them, what was I worried about?? And the Topaz…still having a hard time.

I’m worried about the seizure/blood sugar thing since he’s not eating much. We still have a few kibble samples that I’ve been giving him because I am nervous about the amount of food he’s eating. The last thing I want is for him to have another seizure.

I still feel really clumsy and I’m worried about the raw food all over the kitchen.

I need to get into a routine. I’m working on it.

So far though, not that bad. Tripe is the nastiest thing on earth…that’s all I have to say.

Till next time…H

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