"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." ~ Unknown

Multiple Grand Mal Seizures

Last night was a rough one.

It started with the grand mal seizure that Topaz had around 11 am yesterday.

Then he had another one at 11:15 or so at night.

And then he had a cluster seizure of 2 around 1:50 am this morning.

And then finally he had another seizure around 5 am.

Every single time he peed himself. Every single time he was on my bed. And ever single time I had to change my sheets.

I don’t have enough fitted sheets to change them 4 times in a night.

We also don’t have the ingredients for the cocktail we give him after his seizures.

I wish I knew what the trigger was last night and if there was anything I could have done to stop all those seizures from happening to him!!

Everything about them were pretty typical…

Well, except the cluster one. He was whining afterwards. He’s only done that once before. I was wondering if he was blind afterwards. He seemed a little out of it and really confused.

Like always, I hope this was just a fluke and not our new normal with this stupid epilepsy. But who knows.

I hope it’s the end for a while.

Grand Mal – 5/14/14

I hate that I have to write in this blog again.

I absolutely hate what needing to write here means.

My Puppa had another seizure this morning!

I wasn’t home but the text came in at 11:19 am from my husband to call him and so it’s safe to assume it happened shortly before that.

I was told it was a Grand Mal and was fairly short.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ingredients for his usual after seizure cocktail so he didn’t get anything afterwards.

I am not thrilled about that, but we are out of Valium (rx is called in), I cannot for the life of me find a little container of Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream, and we’re almost out of Rescue Remedy.

Because of the lack of ingredients, my husband didn’t give him anything afterwards.

He seems ok though.

What I find to be interesting, is that it was May 14, 2006 when he had his very first seizure. Well, that we know of anyway.

There must be something about this time of year.

Time to reset the clock. They’re getting closer together. 29 days between this time.

I don’t like it.


Grand Mal (?) – 4/15/14

Around 7am-ish this morning Topaz had a seizure.

I can’t report very much about it because I wasn’t in the room when it happened. Here’s what I know, though.

I was in the shower and a very waggy-tailed Topaz came into the bathroom. Not necessarily weird, but he stayed in there for a while just wagging his tail.

Let me back up, actually… last night around 1:00 am or so he was freaking out. Our carbon monoxide detector was dying (did you know those things have a shelf life?) and it had been beeping either the day before or a couple days before and when it happened both dogs freaked out and ran to go outside. Understandable, loud beeping noises usually freak out Onyx but Topaz is usually ok with them.

Anyway, so he freaked out a little last night. Like he COULD NOT get close enough to me. He was trying to climb on the pillow. I let him out and then back in and pet him a bit and then he moved back to his spot on the bed.

I didn’t even think about it really. He was asleep when I went to get in the shower…nothing unusual.

So back to the shower and him outside being all waggy. I didn’t really notice him being any different acting, however, at that time I was concerned with getting ready and out the door because in Southeast Michigan we got hit with 3 inches of snow the DAY after it was 70, sunny and beautiful.

When I went in the bedroom to get ready that is when I saw the puddle of urine on the bed and other wet spots. (from drooling, foaming…etc)

I feel horrible that he had to go through a seizure alone. He could have fallen off the bed during the seizure or even while stumbling around after.

Thankfully, he made it to me and I took care of giving him his post-seizure cocktail.

Unfortunately, I needed to leave shortly after I gave him his meds and ice cream but luckily my husband is home all day to keep an eye on him.

I don’t know if he was vocal. I do know he peed himself and from the look of my sheets he also foamed. He is doing well though and like I said, was a smiley, waggy boy right afterwards. He went out with no issue and stayed out while I was getting ready.

Triggers? Who knows. I was off work for a while due to some fractured ribs and just went back to work this week…maybe the stress of that? Or there has been some wonky weather. Totally crazy. 70 one day and then snowing and freezing the next. Literally. We went from 70 degrees and sunny to 3 inches and scraping ice off the car.

Ridiculous, Mother Nature. Just ridiculous.

We also had that weird moon thing going on last night. Blood Moon. Not that I’ve noticed the moon has a lot to do with his seizures, but I know it can be a trigger for some dogs.

So who knows? We reset the clock to zero…and we move on.

86 days in between seizures.

Food For Thought – Triggers



We have found through trial and error really that Topaz has at least two seizure triggers – rosemary and fish. Cedar my also be a trigger for him as well, but I haven’t wanted to test that theory out…and since spring is just around the corner, I doubt we will check that theory this season. (we have a cedar chest that we keep blankets in)

Another thing I should mention is that Topaz is a feces eater. I guess the technical term is Coprophagia. I won’t go into all of the nasty details, but he’s been doing this for a very long time. I don’t believe that he eats his own, but he does eat our other dog’s feces, the cats’ if he gets to the litterboxes – which is rare these days, and we don’t take him out walking very often or to any dog parks so he doesn’t have access to other dogs’ feces.

Off topic a little, and what I found to be interesting, is that other people owned by epileptic dogs have said their epi dog also eats feces. I don’t know if it is one of the medications that makes him starving enough to eat the feces or what is going on, but since it’s a common thing, there may be something to it.

Ok back to my question. If we feed out non-epi food that have fish or rosemary in them and Topaz eats her feces after that food has been digested and eliminated – gross, I know….sorry! – will that trigger a seizure for him?

I didn’t really think about it until after Onyx, our non-epi, ate her food this morning…which was a can of food that had fish in it. Normally, this isn’t an issue because we feed them the same food, but we only had enough for Topaz so I fed Onyx the canned food we had.

I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on things for a couple days until the food makes its way out – again, gross.

Has anyone else had this issue? Post in comments if you have.

Supplements and Taurine



Over the past six or so months we’ve noticed that Topaz has lost some weight. To me, he is too skinny…and he’s ALWAYS searching for food. Like even worse than normal.

So, when he was in for his last blood draw (which his labs were good, btw), we asked the vet. She said to ask the owner of the Pet Beastro, which is where we get our raw dog food, taurine for Topaz, dried trachea for both dogs, and some supplements for Onyx.

We started Topaz back on the taurine a month or so ago. When we asked about the powdered bovine colostrum and it was recommended that we start taurine again instead. So, since he’s had a number of seizures recently…we decided to give it a try.

But back to the supplements. The owner of The Pet Beastro suggested that we give him the Food Booster shown in the photo above, and also gave us 2 samples of the Sojos and gotten the goat’s milk in a goodie bag we got at a Pet Beastro event recently. She suggested we try all of these additions to his food (which we’ve upped by 3 oz 2x a day) and also suggested we add liver as well.

My goal is for him to not act so starving all the time and to put some weight on. I don’t know if it’s the meds he’s on that make it like he’s starving or what is going on but it’s been bad lately and now the weight loss? Something isn’t right…although his labs have all come back normal.

I wanted to document the changes – just in case, you know.

Does your epileptic pup act like they are starving in between meals?