"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." ~ Unknown


I told my sister about the seizures and how the two were a year apart, almost to the day and time…which is bizarre and is really bugging me. She mentioned barometric pressure and maybe that having something to do with it.

Interesting, it seems it is a trigger.

I am going to do the bloodwork and see if the vet will hold off on the meds for a bit because those anti seizure meds scare me…

So we’ll see tomorrow.

Vet Update #1

The vet wants to put him on meds because who knows if he’s had more than just the two because we aren’t home 24/7. Makes sense, but I think we’d know if we came home to a urine stained dog (since he pees on himself when he has one)…but the vet knows best, I guess.

We have to take him back in because they could not get a blood sample from him, he freaked out. and then they couldn’t give him a tranq shot and I couldn’t get a muzzle on him…yep, guess who needs obedience training? Mr. Topaz.

So…todd is going to try again tomorrow.

But he’s been fine all day. :crossfingers:

May 16…Happy Birthday to me!

About 40 or so minutes ago, he had another seizure. a year and 2 days after the first one. Lasted the same amount I’d say…woke me up this time though…Thank GOD he had it in his cage again!!

He growled a bit afterwards, (I was able to shut and lock the door to the cage) we just waited till he was wagging his tail and crying to come out and he was fine. We called the emergency vet again and plan to take him to the vet tomorrow. Hope it’s not too much money, as we don’t have much, but our vet is pretty cheap so we should be ok.

Since this is now his second (that we know of anyway) I am not sure if he will be put on meds. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Todd was up for this one, I heard the noise and woke up and was like, what is that and he thought it was the rain (seems tina sent us her storms) and I was like, no…that’s topaz…and we ran in there.

Guess I was hoping we were in the clear. :worry:

I’m just going to use this thread to document…in case there are more coming. :crossfingers:

God willing, there won’t be. :praying:

May 14…Happy Mother’s Day…!

About 40 min or so ago, Topaz, our year old Border Collie had a seizure. I called the emergency vet and they asked if it was his first, and as far as I know, it is…and they said that usually the first one isn’t an emergency and to follow up with his reg vet on Monday. They are there 24/7/365, so we can go there tomorrow if need be. She said if he has another one tonight then to bring him in. We live literally down the road from this place, so it’s not a far drive at all.

That was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen or been through. I am literally shaking. He was in his cage (THANK GOD!) he was shaking, foaming at the mouth, all ridgid and wet on himself. Then afterwards, he growled at me and came after me, good thing I was able to shut the door to the crate. He was normal a bit after that. She (the woman on the phone) said this is all normal. I let him out and washed him up a bit and wiped down his cage a little. He will need a bath tomorrow night.

He was kind of walking around the house like he’d never been there and sniffing everything. He picked up a few toys and made a little pile and was kind of stumbling over them. He was just busy going from room to room smelling everything.

We will take him to our regular vet on Monday. I was concerned because he hasn’t had a rabies shot yet…we didn’t take him to the vet last year, we kept meaning to but something always came up that we needed the money for. We had taken Onyx before we got him…we got him in July.

Anyways (sorry to ramble too, I’m using this post to document the happenings as well) Please pray :praying: for our puppy. :dog:

Hopefully it’s not a big deal…I just can’t believe everything we’ve been through lately. Something’s got to give here soon. So, please pray for us too. Todd doesn’t know yet, I’ll tell him in the morning. No need to wake and worry him now.

:sigh:What else can happen…:hissy:

Thanks in advance :hug:

Forgot a couple things…it lasted about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Although, it felt like an eternity. I was on the phone with my sister, the nurse, at the time…THANK GOD.

Well i have to go to bed. I’m a little nervouse to sleep, but I’ll be able to hear him if it happens again, I’ll leave the tv off tonight.