Ahh…the wonders of APS!!!

I haven’t written much about the disease my husband has. It’s called APS and it’s a blood clotting disorder. It’s also autoimmune and a son of a bitch of a disease. I won’t get into the details of the disease, but you can go to www.apsfa.org to learn more about it.

My husband has memory issues and ooooh it’s SO frustrating sometimes!! Here’s a typical conversation we had tonight…and the aftermath:

Let me set it up…I was Christmas shopping all day, went to my parents house and then went to get my hair done so I hadn’t seen the hubs since like 1:00 when I brought him lunch at the shelter. So my hair was done and I thought I’d call him to see what was up and was he home. I thought we could go out to dinner somewhere like we commonly do on payday.

Me: What are you doing?

Hubs: Picking up cats from the vet.

Me: Oh, ok, I’m going home are you staying at the shelter later.

Hubs: Yeah, I don’t know who’s coming.

Me: Ok, I’ll talk to you later.

Normal conversation…ok. Next call…remember I still think we’re going OUT to dinner. Oh, and he’s usually home from the shelter around 8:00, 8:30 on Thursday nights too

Me: Hey, when are you coming home, anytime soon? I want to go get dinner.

Hubs: Yeah, I’ll be home in a little bit. I have to go to the bathroom when I get home.

Me: Ok, when you’re done then we can go do dinner.

Hubs: Ok yeah, sounds good.

Sounds normal right? LOL read on.

9:16 – I called…no answer

9:20 – He calls me back.
Me: Where are you? When are you coming home? (by this time I have been hungry for 2 hours waiting for him)

Hubs: I’m at the pharmacy trying to get these meds. (dog meds…then he goes on about the price and we talked about that for a little bit)

Me: Ok, so are you on your way home?

Hubs: Yeah I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Me: Do you still have to go to the bathroom? When you’re done can we still go to dinner, I don’t know what’s open because it’s getting late.

Hubs: I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to go get Mcdonalds.

Me: Huh? (and I probably yelled and got frustrated and hung up)

Ok…so he gets home…and he tells me I said something about going to get food, and that he TOLD me he was going to the pharmacy…huh? was that in any of the above conversation??

These little frustrating conversation/situations happen ALL THE TIME!!! I get SOOOO frustrated!! I can feel the frustration in my whole body at times.

I have to keep telling myself that he doesn’t remember…he forgets. BUT he needs to realize that he does, because he’s sitting there telling me he TOLD me something. Um, no…he didn’t.

If there was anything I’d want to fix it would be his memory. I feel bad for him, he struggles with it so much…but it’s SO frustrating.


Thx for listening…..H


Just some random thoughts tonight…

We bought tiny stockings at Michael’s today and I put the animals names on them with green glitter glue. Then we hung them “with care” above the window on the same wall that our stockings are hung on. They look really cute. We used their nicknames, which is kind of funny. The husband’s idea…

I cannot believe that Christmas is a week from tomorrow. We have not started shopping. I really don’t even know what I’m getting anyone. We usually shop late, so that’s not a big deal…but I just don’t even have a clue what to buy anyone this year.

Christmas seems weird this year. I don’t have a clue what my parents are getting me, and I usually have some sort of idea…but this year, I just don’t know. Which is ok…it’s happened before.

I sometimes wish I had an anonymous blog out there in blogville where I could blog about things that I don’t want certain people to read. Nothing specific, but I’d love to just put some things out there and let them go sometimes. It makes me feel better to just get it down. Maybe I’ll hide a personal, private blog on here and post to that. I don’t know.

The puppa has not had a seizure in 18 days and he’s eating his raw food now like a champ. He’s still a bit hesitant and I do have to talk to him and tell him it’s ok to eat it, and we have to mix the nasty tripe with everything, but once he gets going, he’s fine with it all. He’s laying in his cage sleeping right now. His cage is in my “office” and we put the radio on and shut the door to this room when we go to bed. He’s just sleeping in there peacefully and of course I am very nervous that he could have a seizure tonight. He was acting kind of weird earlier. Any weirdness makes me nervous. Hopefully tonight will be a quiet one.

Well I Love New York 2 is over…and she picked Tailor Made…wasn’t seeing that one!! Oh well, can’t wait till the reunion.


I went to the Copa….Copacabana that is!!

For my mom’s birthday, my father, sisters, and my husband and I gave my mom tickets to see Barry Manilow. She asked me to go with her.

The concert was tonight and it was awesome!! Our seats were great…not too far up, not too far down. The show was just great! He’s an excellent performer. I had a really good time and I think my mom did too!!!

We always listen to the “Ultimate Manilow” CD when we list things on eBay. We put it in when there’s no Christmas music on the radio or for a change from the radio. It gets us pumped and it’s a lot of upbeat songs. I couldn’t stand it in the beginning, but I’m a fan now, the album is even in my ipod.

Right now it’s 1:58am and it’s snowing like the dickens outside!! Will make for some pretty pictures in the morning! I can’t wait to take some. The dogs love the snow, they are so funny too…they prance around in it and play.

It’s Fana’s first time seeing snow too!! And maybe Malcolm and Beans. I am not sure if they saw snow at the shelter or not. Alex (Fana), Malcolm, Jellybean (Beans) and Razzle are our kitties. I may take the Fana out to put his paws in the snow. That will be funny!

Oh, and the husband will get to play with his new/used snowblower (insert Tim The Toolman’s grunt here). I’m sure he will LOVE that. Hopefully it works and everything for him, we have a lot of driveway that needs to be done.

Ohhhh!!! AND!! I almost forgot!! Another Christmas Miracle!! Kisses, another cat I NEVER thought would get adopted went home with her new someone today!!! There was this older gentleman who was looking for an adult female cat and he was at the shelter for HOURS today looking at all of our kitties. We have mostly females so there are a lot to choose from. He finally decided on Kisses!! She’s a good cat, just moody and temperamental and wants love on her own terms. But I’m SO glad he adopted her. I think it will be a good match!! I hope anyways, she needs a chance to be in a home. First Buddah, now Kisses…and omg, maybe Ariel too!!! Now if we could just get Safari adopted!

Ok…I need to get some sleep…I get to sleep in (if the dog lets me!!) tomorrow!! AND I have no where to be, so I can have a lazy-take-my-time-doing-things kind of day! PURE BLISS!

A Man and His Clothes…Amazing!

I am absolutely astonished at the amount of clothes that my husband has. He easily has 3x the clothes that I do. Stupid thing about this is that he wears about 1/3 of them…and shuffles the rest around washing them.

I kid you not. I was separating clothes tonight and the man has about 6 pairs of jeans in the laundry baskets. How many pairs fit him? Probably 2. Then why are we keeping the other 4 pair?? I have no clue!!!

He has around 100 t-shirts. And he wears maybe 10. Hats are another problem…he has boxes of hats. He does wear them, but why the heck do you need so many? Don’t most guys have a favorite hat and that’s that? Not my guy!

The other thing is…he wears the same few outfits and washes them about every other day. He has 2 sets of shelter clothes, and one set of work clothes. So those, ok…may need washing a lot, but he washes his coat every couple days too. Does he not realize that clothes start to fall apart after so many washings??

He also wears the same bed clothes, same 4 or 5 pairs of socks and the same boxers over and over again…yes, they are washed…but we’re doing laundry on a daily basis here.

We don’t have a dresser to keep all these clothes in, our bedroom isn’t very big and so he has clothes all over the house. I asked him to put some of the t-shirts and other clothes that didn’t fit right now, but that he didn’t want to throw away into these tubs I bought…well, he misunderstood me and just put clothes in the tub that he wanted to keep and needed to be put away. So all of the clothes that don’t fit or whatever are in the house.

I just don’t understand this issue with the clothes and all the washing. it’s getting ridiculous. And don’t get me wrong…I love the man dearly, but his little quirks and this OCD business with the clothes is beginning to drive me batty!

Someone hold me, plz.

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