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Happy snowy Sunday! It’s been snowing here in the Mitten since late night Friday. This is our first snow of the year, so I’m not complaining. I know the weather has been rough in other parts of the country.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been spending every other Saturday getting together with one (or more) of my Aunts and my Granny. A little over a year ago I started joining them.

I love being able to spend time getting to know my Granny better and we always have a good time and laugh a lot!

This past Saturday we braved the all-day snow and went to an Antique mall in Northville, MI.

I was the antique mall virgin and the only one who wasn’t shopping for anything in particular or any other type of treasures that I collect. We live in a 1000 sq ft home and have 6 animals…we don’t have knick knacks out and don’t have room for collections. I honestly don’t know how people who own cats have decorative things on top of tables! Our cats are EVERYWHERE and knock things down constantly.

I collect pears but I don’t NEED any. I would have bought a rhinestone pear pin had I found one, but I didn’t see any there. I almost bought these chalkware cats to hang in our bathroom though.


They were $15.00 and were adorable! I thought about them and went back to look at them. But in the end I went home empty handed.

I’ve gone to a few antique stores since joining my mom, aunt and Granny on our Saturday adventures. There are definitely some beautiful treasures in antique stores and I love looking at everything.

The furniture!! The beautiful furniture…and the displays were lovely.




Had I needed a table and chairs that were not going to be a kitty dining area, I would have seriously considered one of these two retro sets.



That pink one? SO not my color…but it was lovely!!

Throughout the mall there was antique Christmas items and displays. I really enjoyed looking at the different displays and I can appreciate the antique items. My mom has decorated with them for years and we used to sell items on eBay a number of years ago.



Feather trees, old Santas, and Shiny Brites! Oh my!

If you have been looking for the 5 Imps of Christmas. I found them. You’re welcome.


I think that one on the far left is related to The Elf on the Shelf. lol

Some other Christmasy gems I found. Isn’t this little guy CUTE???


This plastic chandelier reminded me of my little sister. She’s into tacky chic vintage Christmas. lol


And I LOVED this plastic holly rope. My aunt liked the caroling rabbit. I think I see another Elf on the Shelf there on the right too!


If there were some things I would collect it would be vintage linens and cards. I liked these displays of vintage handkerchiefs.



Of course, with the good at an antique store…comes the bad and the downright creepy.

I don’t know what that thing in its mouth is (maybe a pacifier?), it’s holding a clown…and good morning? More like, “OMG it won’t stop looking at me!!!”


Vintage Halloween = cool. Vintage creepy pumpkin with teeth = nightmare.


And I don’t believe there’s anything ‘Lucky’ about this pig.


Back to the good things. Just some other photos of displays or items I thought were interesting.

Colorful glass on a mirrored cart.


Am I the only one who can’t resist pressing the keys of a piano to hear it play?


I believe this was a doll stroller. It’s really cool looking. It’s a far cry from the bright pink plastic baby doll strollers of today.


Jewels in every color, shape, and size. All shiny and beautiful. No pear pins though.


And this next one was my favorite display. It was packed full with items 4 deep on the shelves. The drawers were overflowing with treasures. I loved it.


Of course, the vintage toys are always fun to look at too. What would it have been like to play with this as a child?


I am sure we will be visiting more antique stores and malls in the future. I can’t wait to see what treasures those hold!!

After antiquing the afternoon away, we had dinner at Rocky’s. I got the perch. It was DELICIOUS.

When we got back to my Granny’s house we looked at photos on our iPads and watched White Christmas.

Till next time…


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