In Search of … A Sewing Machine?

My mother in law sends us kitchen towels for every holiday and season. I love them and with 6 animals – read: pukey cats – and an OCD husband, they definitely come in handy.

My favorite kind of kitchen towels have a pot holder sewn to the top of them and they hang on the stove. As shown below:


Photo is from the Etsy shop where I bought this very towel! lol

(I have bought towels from this Etsy seller in the past. I love the extra touch she puts on the bottom!) Not affiliated with the Etsy store in any way, just a customer.

So I have at least 3 really nice, brand new, pear towels I’d like to make into these type of hanging towels before they get ruined or stained in our regular kitchen towel rotation. The hanging towels aren’t the first to be grabbed in the case of a clean up and therefore are mostly only used to dry hands throughout the day.

I found this tutorial on YouTube:

After I watched that, I was like, OMG! I could do that…I just need to get my hands on a sewing machine. (well and learn to use it).

I also have towels like these:

Photo source.

I have the cherry and orange shown above…I also have pear (!), and apple.

I’d like to do something with these towels as well because they are adorable and I love the bright, retro colors. I’ve had them for a long time and just put them up so they don’t get mixed into the rotation.

I am thinking that making a pot holder hanging towel could be part of my goals for 2014 – #21 – make something.

Just got to get my hands on a sewing machine….

Till next time,


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